Monday, June 29, 2009

Solar Powered Cell phones, Relevant Technology ?

Innovation is necessary and an inevitable human urge. But innovation being 'relevant' is equally essential is what I feel. Agreed that you cannot (and should not) stop the geeks and scientists from thinking of whacky ideas - coz if they didn't, then I'm sure we might have been devoid of many of our most loved gadgets and inventions. But when professional companies are investing in research and aiming at commercial viability, that is what adds 'relevant' to the entire process.

Reading an article on Solar Powered Cell Phones, gives me the same feeling that folks are forgetting the term 'relevant' and putting futile (atleast in its current state) effort on making cellphones - solar powered. And it has already been launched in the market in Japan! Look at some interesting specs - 10 minutes of charging in the sun will give you 1 minute of talktime ! but hold on - this is what the company specifies - when it was tested, it took - '40 minutes to squeeze out one minute of talk time, 60 minutes for three minutes of talk time'.

Interesting, but any takers ? - that only time will tell, but I'm not sure if mobile phone is an instrument where the concept of solar energy could be applied (commercially), knowing its usage requirements and functional need.


Animesh said...

Not sure why you are so dismissive. Sure the efficiency is low at the moment, but it is definitely a good start.

Sid Mishra said...

@animesh: leveraging solar energy is an excellent idea, only that I don't think mobile phones are a good gadget to apply this concept (commercially) to, knowing its usage and consumption requirements.

Animesh said...

However, given that one is without a proper source of charging (wall socket) usually in areas where there _is_ sunlight (think field ops), having this facility is exactly what a cellphone user would appreciate. Isn't it?

Speaking of commercial relevance - I am sure that if the technology is mature enough, this will be one gadget which will be a must-have for those with cell-phones.

Sid Mishra said...

@animesh: I'd rather have a solar_battery_charger - to help run many of my gadgets if I were in the jungles for months! :)

Commercial viability needs the big 'if' you've put to be achieved, and frankly I'll be the happiest person when it is achieved .. coz forget cellphones - it'll be a breakthrough for meeting thousands of our energy needs in an eco-friendly nature.