Monday, August 24, 2009

Amazing CRM Thought Pearls by Paul @ CRM Evolution 09

Following tweets by attendees at the CRM Evolution Conference, who were Tweeting while listening in to Paul Greenberg. Found some of the 'thought pearls' so good, that I have collated them at one place. Thanks to @drnatalie, @rwang0 and @mkrigsman for getting these pearls out! Here's the key takeaway from microblogs converted to a Blog:
  • Customers are no longer just transactions. Getting them to be your advocate is now the goal. (Read the great post by PGreenberg on United Airlines' treatment of customers as 'transactions')
  • In the social world, you can't just dump low-value customers cause they'll talk about you on the web. Ouch
  • Discussion around - 'Speech Analytics' - what is it ? Word spotting; Context; Stereo conversation capture; emotion; data (would love to hear this one in more detail).
  • Bad customer can go viral, great example of United breaking guitar Youtube video - which got over 5mn views! Forcing United Airlines to revert to the customer.
  • Insight into the customer no longer comes to you easily. The ultimate customer condition is advocacy
  • Customer Referral Value - a NEW metric to identify customers - CLV alone is not enough!
  • The phone has maintained its strong position as a channel for customer service 41% vs Store visit 35%
  • Take a negative experience and turn it to a positive - you get an advocate !
  • and the funny one - Customers are the center of the universe ! Galileo was wrong :-)
Simply great pearls by Paul worth storing. Did I miss any ? Appreciate if you can add those as comments.

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My2sense said...

Great stuff! Thank you. Would love to learn more about "Speech Analytics". I wonder if it is the same as "Sentiment Analytics". @piplzchoice